Millennial Palates are Changing: Young Foodies Now Prefer Mexican Food

By: eipasomexicanrestaurant |

Burgers and fries are out; tacos and burritos are in. Mexican restaurants may be the next top hangout for the young population.

Experts predict that Millennial spending habits will peak in the coming years, causing restaurant companies to try everything to attract 18-33 year-olds everywhere. A recent survey, however, showed that it may be harder for traditional fast food chains to gain the business of the younger foodies, as they now tend to go for more unconventional dining options.

Changing Palates

Fast food chains that offered chicken, fries, and burger used to dominate the market. These days, however, it’s pizza and Mexican food that are gaining traction.

According to a poll by MSN, Americans are now more inclined to eat at restaurants that offer pizza and Mexican food versus traditional chicken and burger joints.

For many consumers, fast food is virtually synonymous to McDonald’s or Burger King. The survey, however, revealed that roughly twice as many customers now prefer other chains.

Regardless of the absence or presence of a significant Mexican community, Mexican restaurants are fast becoming a favorite haunt for many young Americans. Experts attribute the sharp rise in popularity of Mexican chains to the success of a few big names and the arrival of smaller fast-casual dining places.

Authenticity a Major Factor

According to major food firm Bell Flavors and Fragrances, modern foodies are inclined towards more authentic flavors. They suggest that the authenticity of Mexican food helps it become more appealing to more discerning modern consumers.

The firm Mintel, for instance, revealed that among the 63% respondents that prepared Mexican food at home, two-thirds placed importance on creating authentic, traditional flavors.

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