Mexican Food: Best Enjoyed for Brunch

By: eipasomexicanrestaurant |

Many consider sleeping-in as the key to having a good mood for the rest of the day. Well, we hear your opinion and raise you one hearty brunch. You’ll have to admit it is a really satisfying way to start the day!

For Weekends and Weekdays

For some people, brunch is all they have time for because their work ends late in the evening or they don’t have enough time to prepare one meal for breakfast and another one for lunch. Others like to have brunch on the weekends when there’s no reason to rush. They could even make an event out of it, inviting family and friends over for some bonding time.

For these weekday and weekend brunches, what you need is a hearty spread that will energize you to go to work or to play with your nieces, nephews and active friends, respectively.

Therefore, a Mexican brunch, with hearty dishes that will satisfy your hunger, should be your first choice of fare to start your day right.

Pile on the Protein

A Mexican brunch is incomplete without scrambled eggs; and at El Paso Mexican Restaurant, we serve more than your regular whisked eggs. Our chef garnishes them with onions, tomatoes, and other spices to add a tasty kick in your mouth. If you want a hearty serving, you can have scrambled eggs garnished with carnitas (little pieces of meat) or sausage and potatoes. Eat them with rice, beans and tortillas, and you’ll be good even well into the afternoon.

Cheesy Delights

Cheesy quesadillas and burritos are an indulgence. You’d normally buy these as afternoon or evening snacks, but they’re also excellent brunch menu material. Imagine jumbo tortillas stuffed with eggs, bacon and cheese with a side dip of sour cream; or a large burrito with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, cheese and rice topped with homemade queso.

Indeed, brunch is the perfect opportunity to eat plenty in the morning and still have an excuse to eat lunch past noon. If you are looking forward to a satisfyingly hearty meal, visit or contact us at El Paso Mexican Restaurant.