The History of Tacos

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tacos_mexican foodTacos. Who doesn’t love them? They’re the perfect thing to eat any time anywhere. They’re convenient, portable and very filling. Tacos make an ideal breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. The crisp crunch, varied fillings and wonderful sauces make it a complete meal and a fabulous eating experience. If you’re one of those people who can’t get enough tacos, you might be wondering where they came from and why. In an effort to find out more about this subject, researchers have turned their attention to the world of food in Latin America. In doing so, they’ve helped reveal a fascinating time in world history when people in this part of the world began to mine ore used for world-famous Mexican silver jewelry.


The Word Taco

Many experts point to the fact that Mexican silver miners called the little explosions they made tacos. The miners were an integral part of the local culture and much beloved by many residents who relied on them to bring in additional family income. Many miners had small businesses of their own. They often worked in small teams to create conditions that would allow them to bring out the ore. These explosions were used in order to open up the mines further and allow people to use the ore inside of them. There were little pieces of paper that were put into the mountains to help extract the silver. The miners would use small explosives to help remove excess dirt and other layers and make it possible for them to harvest the ore for their jewelry making. Those who studied this subject point to the similarity with the taco and the little packages they used to create the explosions. Like the food taco, this kind of taco was wrapped up in an exterior part in order to protect the interior. If you’ve ever taken a really close look at a taco or a taquito, you’ll be instantly struck by the resemblance between a stick of dynamite and the food you’re happily enjoying right now.


Bringing it Others

The tradition of the taco gradually began to spread beyond the area where the miners were to the rest of Mexico and Central America. Many others realized this item was portable, easy to eat and nourishing. They also realized it made an excellent meal at any time of the day. Hard working locals loved tacos because they could be made in a hurry and carried with them to work. Taquerias sprung in many working-class neighborhoods all over the area. People put all sorts of items in them such as deliciously spiced meat based stews based on their local culture and community. In time, the taco began to assume an important place in the hearts of all those who love authentic Mexican food and appreciate this richly delicious package. Today, tacos remain a beloved favorite that all people everywhere can share and adore.