Authentic Mexican Cocktails

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Mexico is definitely a country destination for those people who love to experience authentic dishes and authentic cocktails. Mexican cuisine and cocktails are known for their intense flavors, colorful decorations, unique seasoning and ingredients which are native to the country. Their cocktails are more than just alcohol that you get to drink in fancy resorts and bars. In fact, if you love Margaritas, the staple drink in Mexican drinking culture, then you will surely love these other authentic Mexican cocktails.

Authentic Mexican Cocktails

This classic Mexican beer cocktail is very popular in northern parts of Mexico which is typically drunk to lessen the symptoms of a hangover. Ingredients used to make the cocktails changes from one region in Mexico to another. Usually a combination of beer, Clamato or tomato juice, lime juice, and salt. Sometimes Mexicans would add chili powder, Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce to add more flavor to the drinks.

If you are looking for an authentic Mexican tequila drink, then Paloma is the one for you. It is also one of the most traditional Mexican drinks loved by many cocktail drinkers. Paloma is a mixture of tequila, grapefruit, lime, and soda, giving it a sweet, sour, and crisp flavor. It is usually served on the rocks with a few garnishes.

Spiked Horchata
If you have never tried Spiked Horchata before, it is a combination of classic rice, milk, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg added with rum and sherry. The sweet taste of milk and spices which compliments the delicious treat of rum is to die for.

Pulque is a traditional Mexican drink that is made of fermented sap from the maguey cactus. It has a milky color and is believed to offer many health benefits. In fact, it has been a favorite drink by many elders, priests, and warriors way back in the Aztec era.

Tejuino is one of the most authentic Mexican cocktail drinks that you should try. It has a lower alcohol content and is perfect to drink on a hot summer day. This cold Mexican beverage is made of fermented corn added with piloncillo and served with a scoop of lemon ice shave.

Vampiritos Mexicanos
So if you love drinking tequila and like to have sangria as its chaser. Have you tried mixing these two? No? Well then, introducing a very authentic Mexican cocktail — Vampiritos Mexicanos. If you are looking for a real Mexican cocktail with a twist, then Vampiritos Mexicanos is just the right drink for you. It combines tequila and sangria in one drinking glass; served with ice and a bit of lime juice in a glass with salt on its rim. You can also add chili powder for an added effect.