Keeping Avocados Fresh

By: eipasomexicanrestaurant |

avocadoGuacamole, avocado pasta, avocado pizza, avocado salsa — this list could go on and on. There numerous Mexican recipes with avocados in it. And each time, the dish is deliriously tasty that you wouldn’t get tired of having it for a meal. 

Avocado, also known as alligator’s pears, originated from the central and eastern highlands of Mexico. The fruit is not only considered a superfood because of its nutrients, but also on the endless recipes that you could come up with. Unfortunately, the global food industry is currently in a ripple because of the rising avocado prices due to the increased global demand.

It is indeed one of the trying times in the global food industry. It’s either you go for avocados with a price increased for up 129% or resort to a fake guacamole. But still a fake guacamole will always be, well, fake and wouldn’t come close to the unique taste and buttery texture of the real avocados. So, if you are one of those who would prefer to turn a blind eye and purchase the VERY expensive avocados, then the best thing that you could do is to keep it fresh for as long as you could, right? Now, how are you going to do that? Check out the tips below:

  • Store it properly

Most of us would refrigerate our avocados right away especially if we won’t be eating or using them right away. This is a very wrong move particularly to those avocados that freshly picked from the tree. Like the bananas, avocados produce ethylene after being picked from the tree. The ethylene will help ripen the fruits in a natural way; usually would take up to 6 days. If you want to accelerate the ripening of your avocados, put them in a paper bag and place in a room temperature of about 68 F. You can refrigerate them once they are ripe to extend their life.

Now, if you are planning to only use half of the fruit and store the other half, then make sure to use the first half with a pit. The pit will prevent the oxygen from getting into the flesh; thus, minimize the appearance of brownish or blackish color on the flesh. You can also rub a little lemon or lime juice on the flesh then wrap the fruit in a plastic wrapper before refrigerating it. 


  • Freeze it

The best way to keep your avocados and store them for a long period of time is by freezing them. To accelerate the freezing process, mash the ripe avocado flesh into a puree before putting it in your freezer. You might also like to add a tablespoon of lemon or lime juice for every two avocados to prevent oxidation.


  • Try pickling it

Another effective method to preserve avocados is by pickling them. Pickled avocado has become an increasingly popular meal for Keto Diet. Cut the avocado flesh into cubes and put it in a container. Add a vinegar brine and some spices; then close the container tightly and store it in the refrigerator. Pickled avocado can last for up to two weeks.