Mexican Brunch Ideas

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Chilaquiles_Mexican FoodMexican cuisine is one of the most popular dishes in the world. In fact, according to CHD Expert, Mexican food is the 3rd most popular menu type in the US; taking 8 percent of the total national restaurant landscape. It is full of flavor; with the country’s culture and tradition being incorporated in the food. With this, many individuals of varying nationalities are enticed with Mexican foods.

But, hey! Mexican food isn’t just all about burritos and tacos! If you haven’t fallen for the country’s food recipes, then you will surely do with the brunch ideas below:

  •  Chilaquiles

If you love nachos, then there is no reason not to like Chilaquiles for brunch. It is fried corn tortillas smothered with salsa (red or green chili sauce), topped with cheese and sour cream, and topped with avocado and finely sliced onion and cilantro. To make your brunch more flavorful, add some shredded chicken or fried on the top, and you will definitely make your tummy happy. 


  • Conchas y nata

Another must-try Mexican brunch recipe is the Conchas y nata, translated in English as Conch and Cream. Conchas are a Mexican bread shaped like a seashell that is sweet topped with a sugary crust.  Nata is Mexico’s very own version of clotted cream; made with a layer of fat skimmed milk that is boiled and cooled. You can either eat as an appetizer or a brunch, whichever way you like it. 


  • Tamales

Tamales is another popular traditional Mexican recipe that will perfectly complete your brunch. This recipe is made of corn masa dough filled with different fillings like meat or salsa and chicken. Tamales are typically presented wrapped in banana leaves of corn husks. 


  • Molletes

Molletes is a traditional Mexican brunch that is basically an open-faced sandwich. Molletes are said to have been brought by the Spaniards in the US when they colonized the countries. This Mexican brunch is prepared by toasting a type of sandwich called Bollilo, seasoned with refried beans and cheese, then topped with pico de gallo. To add more flavor, sprinkle it with sliced onion, cilantro and hot chili. 


  • Classic Breakfast Burrito

The Classic Mexican Breakfast Burrito is the perfect food to start your day or even late lunch. It is easy to prepare and bursts your flavor that no one would want to miss. It’s also very versatile, allowing you to make your own with just about anything you can find in your pantry. You can have it with a scrambled egg, black beans, cheese and others. 


  • Enchiladas

Another popular Mexican food that will surely become your favorite for brunch is Enchiladas. It is a Mexican brunch recipe made of tortillas filled with meat and cheese, and dipped or smothered in salsa. Just like Burrito, Enchiladas is a very versatile food so you can make your own version depending on how you want it to taste. 

Finally, no brunch will ever be complete without a hot cup of Mexican coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. You can either order from an authentic Mexican restaurant near you or prepare your own.