All About that Flavor: Experience Authentic Mexican Cuisine

By- eipasomexicanrestaurant | Oct 6, 2017

We enjoy trying out different types of cuisine for the variety of flavors. Take Mexican food, for example, which derives its distinct palate from Mesoamerican cooking and Spanish culture. The use of assorted spices in Mexican cuisine is a showcase of this fusion. Imagine all the fresh produce, meats, and seasonings involved in what we know today…

American’s Love Affair With Mexican Food – How It All Started

By- eipasomexicanrestaurant | Sep 8, 2017

In the ‘90s, fajitas were an iconic food trend and salsa dethroned ketchup as the number one condiment in America. More than 20 years have passed and yet, Mexican food is still everywhere-from tacos and burritos in food trucks to nachos on appetizer menus of almost every restaurant in the country. If you’re wondering how…

Mexican Food: Best Enjoyed for Brunch

By- eipasomexicanrestaurant | Aug 3, 2017

Many consider sleeping-in as the key to having a good mood for the rest of the day. Well, we hear your opinion and raise you one hearty brunch. You’ll have to admit it is a really satisfying way to start the day! For Weekends and Weekdays For some people, brunch is all they have time…

Millennial Palates are Changing: Young Foodies Now Prefer Mexican Food

By- eipasomexicanrestaurant | Jul 25, 2017

Burgers and fries are out; tacos and burritos are in. Mexican restaurants may be the next top hangout for the young population. Experts predict that Millennial spending habits will peak in the coming years, causing restaurant companies to try everything to attract 18-33 year-olds everywhere. A recent survey, however, showed that it may be harder…

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