Eat At El Paso, Raise Funds!


Get together with family and friends to help us, While you help yourself to some great food – With an event like this, everybody wins!

When you come into the location listed below, And bring in our fundraising flyer, El Paso Mexican Restaurant will Donate 15% of the proceeds to our cause! Download the flyer by clicking below:

Fundraiser Request Form

If you would like to choose our restaurant for your fundraising needs, download our Fundraiser Request form below. The information in the flyer must be completed in order to process and schedule your event. All requests must be summated at least 2 weeks in advance. Your will be contacted within 3 days and we will arrange for approval of a distribution flyer. Please fill out the information completely and return it to your local El Paso Mexican Restaurant store manager. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact your local store manager. Download the form by clicking below: